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If you didn’t attend the 2012 Boot Camp because you thought you already knew everything, you made a big mistake. If you want to really want to run a successful insurance business, you need to compare ideas with some of the best insurance agents and brokers in North America. See you in Chicago next October!Thanks,

Dwayne Vanderhout

The ability to come to boot camp for a few days and leave with motivation to continue the work that needs to be done to make your agency a marketing organization is worth the time spent. It helps keep you focused on what is important.

Scot Humrich

I have a new found energy to help the business grow”
“This was my first time at a Boot Camp. It was so full of interesting information that we needed three employees to catch a lot of the great ideas. I loved the part about marketing your business like a rock star, because of this boot camp I have a new found energy to help the business grow. Thanks for all the help. I love Agency Revolution.

Corey Humrich

Like Nike said, ‘Just Do It’, you will be glad you did.

Moses Hejny

This is my 5th Boot Camp. I am always amazed at the quality of presentations. The Agency Revolution staff is great and as a result my agency will continue to grow.

Larry Trapani

My 2nd Summit/Boot Camp was not disappointed. Really enjoyed spending time learning and listening with top agencies around the country. Learned and took in a lot!

Aaron Sorenson

Michael delivered the right message at a critical time for our industry. Agency owners that want to be around in 5 years need to be listening now.

Jeff Rounds

This is my third Summit. They just keep getting better every year. Best One Ever! Keep it up! So energizing!

Kathy Ramirez

an ‘Insanely great’ experience”
“This was my first boot camp in a few years, so it was really good to get back in the saddle. Michael’s organization has evolved into something pre-eminent in the industry. It was an ‘Insanely great’ experience.

Phil Oliver

Great event!
If you don’t take away something from this event to make you LOTS of money you didn’t try. Lots of great marketing ideas and ways to operate your business to maximize your agency operations and profit.

Shawn Nistler

Summit makes my heart sing. I always get so much valuable information and the interaction with all other agents really helps to get me re-energized. I love the Summit, best event of the year.

Nancy Nicklow

Michael Jans and Agency Revolution have helped me change my agency’s direction and move forward. Being with such a positive group of people including Michael gets me moving and evolving. Thank you Michael.

Bob Moses

The benefits we’ve experienced via QC/AR directly mimic/mirror those of other members, but we’ve seen so much more. Our performance increase has allowed us to negotiate from a position of power with our carrier partners years earlier than anticipated.

Matt Davis

I love the fact we all have choices and that this group of people constantly give me many great ideas to choose from.

Cam Clay

I’ve been in the business 40 years and still learn new things at the Quantum Meetings.

Bill Bolander

Best 8 hours I have spent focusing on my agency and what is important to reaching my goals for my agency. Material is presented in an easy to grasp format. Can’t wait to get back to the office.

James Pitts Pitts Insurance Team Columbia, SC

Extremely beneficial. Has put me back on track.

Charlie Freeman, Davis-Dyer-Max Insurance, Garland, TX

The true effect is fabulous but will be a while before realizing true impact but the event was amazing in opening my eyes to the future. Thank you, Michael, and all the contributors.

Scott Sebo Ft. Wayne, IN

2 of the best days I’ve had to freshen up my thinking. New stuff – old stuff revisited. All of it great rejuvinative energy that will help me get going again.

Mark Helfrich, Middleton, WI

Outstanding…. again! How you make each Boot Camp better than the last is unbelievable. My personal, professional and financial life just keeps getting better and better.

David Collins, Longmeadow, MA

You have dramatically increased my options and vision about something I thought I knew something about… marketing! Terrific, jam packed 2 days. Thanks!

Tony Caldwell, Oklahoma City, OK

Thank you for another great Boot Camp! The most valuable part of the conference for me was networking with so many positive, generous and enthusiastic insurance agents!

Michelle O’Connor, CIC, Charlotte, NC

Michael, you and your great staff did it again. I have another year of great material. More importantly, I was able to touch base with a great set of friends and agents who want to see me succeed.

Phil Christe, Mt. Kisco, NY

Quantum Club has given me the track to run on to make the business fun again. At first glance, one can be forgiven for thinking Michael has ‘given us a fish’ i.e. specific marketing ideas. I come away from Boot Camp now knowing Michael is ‘teaching me how to fish.’ Thanks for all the security that brings!

Wake Clinard, Winston-Salem, NC

Since joining Agency Revolution, I’m down to a 40-hour work week and have gained a lot of control over my life. I still have farther to go – but now I have direction and a plan to get there.

Karen Delewski, Wyomissing, PA

The great ideas and successes that come from this event are invaluable.

Catherine Valerio, Samuel P. Black & Associates, Erie, PA

Michael, I have been in Quantum Club for 7 months now and this was my first Boot Camp. The many changes that I have already made have given me a renewed spirit for the insurance industry, not to mention the financial gain to come from it.

Mark Reid, White House, TN

My life and my business have to change and I’m confident that your tools will make it happen. Thanks for the insight.

Trey Ratterman, Cleveland, TN

I know I can increase my commission income at least 25% over the next 12 months by following the programs and strategies presented here.

Debbie Landis, Venice, FL

Thanks for my new three point game plan to make my agency more effective. You give me the tools and inspiration and with a little effort, I expect results!”

Carole Massey, Ontario, CA

I have been associated with several other ‘agent marketing support’ organizations and they have never offered the quality and depth of information and material. Definitely worth the time and effort!

~ Steve Ratterman, Cleveland, TN

You have helped me to establish a ‘track to run on’ and have given me motivation to set goals for my last 10 years in this business.

John Vanderlip, Folsom, CA

It’s tough to repeat these things & keep them fresh. You and your staff have done a great job. I’ve already signed up for the next one.

Ron Lacey, Orange, CA

I have 5 concrete items to change on Monday when I return to my office. I fully expect to double my income.

Thomas Vocatura, Sudbury, MA

Fantastic experience – can’t wait to implement selected campaigns and become the most hated agent in my area. Looking forward to a new life.

Jim Irwin, Norman, OK
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October 24-26, 2013

Chicago, IL

Dear Insurance Agent,

I already know something about you.

You’re NOT the kind of agent who is OK with being just “OK”. If you were, you wouldn’t even be looking at this page.

But are you OK with just being “good”?
I sure hope not.

Because at this year’s Boot Camp, we’re going to give you the money-making strategies, campaigns tools you need not just to become good or even great… We’re going to give you the exact most powerful, successful and PROVEN marketing secrets you need to become INSANELY GREAT. I’ll explain what I mean by that in a moment…

You see, in our long history as the preeminent, most highly-trusted insurance marketing company in North America, we’ve had a lot of agencies that have doubled in size or quadrupled in size using our real-world, take-it-to-the-bank strategies. And I’m button-popping proud of that fact.

But that’s no longer good enough for me.

So, if it’s your goal is to double, quadruple…even grow 10 TIMES your current book of business, the decision to come to this year’s Boot Camp is a NO BRAINER. No event in our industry has a PROVEN HISTORY of being the launching pad for agencies just like yours to do just that. Not for just a few…but for HUNDREDS of agencies.

NOBODY has a longer, more bountiful track record of helping so many achieve MEGA-Agency status and get the incomes and the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. NO-BO-DY. So if that’s what you want, come and get it. With our members, massive success is almost commonplace. But now I’m looking for something that’s altogether uncommon…

This Boot Camp Will Be Unlike Anything ANYONE Has Ever Seen
Because Nobody Has Ever Dared Go Where We’re Going

So what exactly does “Insanely Great” mean? A little background here … in 1982, Steve Jobs was working on the LISA, a computer that Apple was developing at the time. He left the LISA project to join the MacIntosh project. He said of this experience, “The LISA people wanted to do something great, but the Mac people wanted to do something insanely great, the difference shows.”

Fast-forward 30 years. No one remembers LISA. EVERYONE knows Mac.

That’s what I’m looking for – those individuals who want to build the Mac of the insurance industry – who want to craft something of extreme elegance and beauty in this industry that will delight the customer with an experience that makes them go crazy – in an industry where 48% of the population does not trust the insurance industry to do the right thing.

Today’s consumer has much more power than ever before. Trust in our industry is at an all-time LOW, while commoditization of the industry is an all-time HIGH. The challenges we’re facing in this industry right now are different than ever before.

The need for urgency is higher, stronger, deeper, more pressing. In order to become Insanely Great, there are certain strategic transformations and critical action items that every agency that wants to own their marketplace must implement immediately. But don’t worry. We’ll show you exactly what to do…


We’ll Give You a Detailed Road Map for Achieving Massive
Personal Wealth and Lifestyle Freedom You’ve Always Dreamed Of

At this year’s boot camp we’ll leave no stone unturned and give you EVERYTHING you need to:

  • Get more new clients with ease: we practically invented every PROVEN technique in this industry for getting new clients WITHOUT cold-calling. You’ll walk away with the actual campaigns our millionaire agents use to get new clients like clock work.
  • Gain complete control over your time: imagine taking 12+ weeks off a year, working 20-30 hour weeks and STILL making OBSCENE amounts of money. At Boot Camp you’ll be surrounded by agents who are doing this NOW because we’re the ones who showed ‘em how. Now it’s your turn.
  • Dominate Niche Markets: go where our industry is NOT commoditized and there you will find RICHES my friend…and even better, precious little competition. We’ve been blazing trails to niches for years, we’ll guide you down our well-worn path to success.
  • Get direct advice from the World’s Most Successful Agents: I’m constantly amazed and humbled by the sheer generosity of even our most successful members. Attend special break-out sessions with top Agents and get your toughest questions answered by the mega-performers who’ve been-there-done-that.
  • Boost Client Retention bumping your client retention just 2 or 3 percentage points can mean the difference in hundreds of thou sands to you over the course of your career. We’ll give you the EXACT strategies our best clients use to maintain as high as a 95.9% retention rate!
  • Multiply Revenue Per Client: sell more to existing clients. It’s the easiest money you’ll make, yet so many agents miss the boat. We’ll give you a proven plan. Plus – discover what it takes to turn a customer into a client into a raving fan who tells everyone about you.
  • Develop a World-Class Team here’s how to instantly recognize the MEGA-Agents at Boot Camp – the ones who make all the money and live the lifestyle everyone’s jealous of. They’re the ones who brought their staff to the event (HINT HINT).

That’s what creating an Insanely Great Agency is all about – and we’ll give you the road map to get there faster than you thought humanly possible.


The 2013 Insanely Great Insurance Agency Boot Camp Lineup

If you’ve been to Boot Camp before, you’ll know that we’ll literally be adding incredible speakers and phenomenal bonus sessions up to a week before the event. The #1 “complaint” we get (if you can call it that) is that there’s TOO MUCH great information to digest in just 3 days.

But here’s a sneak-peek at what we have locked-in so far:

Scott McKain: Create Distinction:
What to Do When ‘Great’ Isn’t Good Enough to Grow Your Business

Scott McKain is a highly successful author and globally recognized expert on how to grow your business by creating distinction in a competitive marketplace. And — perhaps his most important qualification — he has proven his concepts actually work in the real world!

He is the founder of a consulting and training company that explores the role of ultimate customer experiences in creating enhanced client retention and revenue. He is the author of three #1 business bestsellers; all teaching how to expand profits, increase sales, and engage customers. His book, “Collapse of Distinction” was named by several major publications as one of the “Top Ten Business Books” of the year.

Click Here to Listen To Scott’s Recent Teleconference

You may have seen Scott on television. He has appeared on FOX News Network and many other telecasts as a guest analyst and commentator. His insights have been quoted in USA Today, the Wall St. Journal, and the New York Times. He has presented his business strategies on platforms in all fifty states and seventeen countries…from Singapore to Sweden; from Mexico to Morocco…from the White House with the President in attendance; to conferences in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

You’ll find a potent cure for similarity and uniformity–the primary killers of businesses and careers Scott will lay out the cornerstones of distinction and equip you with the specific tools and knowledge you need to stand out. Regardless of your market or the economy, you’ll discover the secrets to rise above the fray and dominate your marketplace.

Just Added To The 2013 Insurance Marketing Boot Camp Lineup!

The consumer is being indoctrinated – brainwashed, really – by the bombardment of messages that declare that PRICE is the only difference. So how DO you stand out from the crowd, become irresistibly compelling to do business with AND to stay with? By becoming the most

“An absolutely mesmerizing speaker… she had our global
marketing audience totally riveted.” Avon

FASCINATING insurance agent and agency.

Sally Hogshead, seasoned business consultant and author, does a fantastic job of articulating exactly how and why fascination works and how you can use it to your advantage. Anyone interested in captivating other people’s attention to influence their decision-making will not want to miss Sally at this year’s Boot Camp.

Hall of Fame speaker, international author, and the world’s leading expert on fascination.

BY POPULAR DEMAND! Social Media Superstar Q&A Panel

We’ll debunk the myths, clear up the confusion, and show you exactly how to unleash the power of sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social networking sites for even BIGGER profits.

tammyTammy Lesueur

Tammy Lesueur reveals how she uses dirt-cheap Facebook ads to attract highly profitable niche markets! Plus she’ll uncover her secrets for getting massive amounts of free traffic to her website using Facebook.

claudiaClaudia McClain

Claudia McClain uncovers her strategies for using social media for generating leads, getting more referrals and maintaining her industry-leading 95.9% retention rate!

kenKen Henry

Ken Henry reveals his secret social media technique for becoming the #1 rate agency on Angie’s List for superior service!


Jack Galloway: The $74 Million Dollar Man

When Jack Galloway joined Barney & Barney in 1984, he started with 100 accounts and $100,000 in revenue that had come from another agency that had sold out to the company. He was told “we need you to get out there and SELL”.

And sell he did… By 2000, Barney & Barney was at $16 million in revenue. By 2006, Jack Galloway and Hal Dunning ran the largest single-location agency on earth. Barney & Barney is now the 29th largest agency in the U.S. with $74 million in revenue. This year, they expect to do $92 million.

But here’s the amazing thing – with the exception of one agency purchase, ALL their growth has been organic. Let that sink in for a minute.

One of the keys to his success? Niche commercial markets. In the year 2000, Barney and Barney had 4 accounts in a particularly lucrative niche market in the San Diego Area. Jack became Director of Barney & Barney’s Commercial Division in 2005, and today they have over 400 – capturing 75% share of that market – a 10,000% increase … in 13 years!

In this highly anticipated presentation, Jack will share with you the positioning secrets that will allow you to tap into highly-lucrative commercial markets in a HUGE way.

Plus he’ll reveal his daily strategy for proactively care for his best clients, creating an “iron wall of client retention”

Experience Live Break-Out Sessions With My Most Successful Members:

JAMIE BROWN, THE STATE FARM PERSONAL LINES AGENT FROM MARYLAND who closed 6,316 NEW applications in 2012, and is STILL KILLING IT. He’ll share exactly what he’s doing right now to capture this kind of success in this kind of market, and share how you can do it, too…

WHAT’S WORKING NOW– Marketing Tips & Tricks and from JOEL ZWICKER –The Broker Who GREW HIS BUSINESS BY 75% for not one…not even two or three…but four years in a row. In this interactive session, one of our most popular presenters will divulge his most jealously-guarded secrets for getting endless numbers of highly-qualified leads ringing his phone day and night, practically begging to do business with him. Just one take-it-to-the-bank strategy from Joel could pay for your entire Boot Camp experience 10 times over!

Again – keep in mind that we will still be adding additional speakers, break-out sessions and more from now until Boot Camp.


Shaun Irwin

Shaun Irwin, President of Anderson Insurance and Author of The New Book
Convertible Referrals!

Author of The Book “Convertible Referrals” Super Agent Shaun Irwin Reveals His Secret Referral-Generation Formula Directly Responsible For Generating Over $400,000 In New Business Commission Per Year!

Back by popular demand! Shaun Irwin has been voted Best Presenter at previous Boot Camps for good reason. This Two-Time National Marketer of The Year never fails to deliver tried-and-true insider strategies you can apply in your agency to see real, take-it-tothe-bank results. Shaun doesn’t do “theory”. He ONLY shares what he’s tested and proven in his own agency with phenomenal results:

  • Average new client value has tripled in the last 5 years
  • Number of employees is less than 10 years ago with TWICE the volume

Shaun’s personal referral-generation strategy will give you the power to magnetically attract
the EXACT type of high-profit clients you really want. You can’t afford to miss this!


James Chmiel

James A. Chmiel, President Erb and Erb Insurance Brokers Ltd.

President of 94-Year Old Brokerage Shares The Secrets of How They Increased Business 20% In The Middle of A Recession!

Erb & Erb is a highly-respected 94-year old Canadian brokerage with a healthy mix of personal & commercial business, as well as a thriving life and financial services practice. During the recession, while some brokerages were holding tight or losing market share, Erb & Erb was on a journey of succession and transition. They’ve not only set the stage for incredible growth and expansion opportunities over the next 5-7 years, but they’ve also laid excellent ground work for the next generation. If you want a MODEL for a world class insurance biz, do not miss James Chmiel’s presentation!


Chris Paradiso

Chris Paradiso Reveals The Social Media Secrets That Have Increased His Gross Revenues 50% Three Years In A Row!

Chris Paradiso is on a mission to help independent agencies take back their communities. Chris’ mastery
of social media has helped him propel his agency to one of the fastest-growing in the country–growing 50% three years in a row ($13 million in premium in 7 years). His social media expertise has led to him being asked to participate on the Rough Notes Advisory Board, IJ Technology Board and AIMS Board.

Because of his proven, profitable track record, Chris has spoken to over 1000 agencies this year at events for the Addis Group, Greenwich Group, PIA Indiana, PI/Big I of NC, Alliance of California, SIAA and more

We are thrilled to have Chris at this year’s Boot Camp, where he will reveal his proven social media strategies for massively increasing retention, getting tons of new clients, cross-selling existing clients, building stronger client relationships and encouraging tons of referrals.


Dan King

Dan King Reveals The Secrets To Growing Your Agency Profitably Over The Long Haul

As Travelers Insurance Director of Agency Development, Dan King has worked with worked with hundreds of agencies to help them meet their sales growth objectives.

As a marketing and training consultant, Dan has assisted countless independent agents in the areas of business planning, job design, mergers and acquisitions, perpetuation planning and staff compensation plans.

Dan spent years as an underwriter, Agency Manager, and Regional Vice President of Personal Lines in New York prior to assuming his current position. He has worked with the Big I of Texas, Tri-County Agents Association of New York and nationally with the PIA. Dan has assisted in the development and implementation of programs, training and strategies to assist independent agents grow their businesses.

At this year’s Boot Camp, you’ll discover the secrets to building a long-term profitable agency that Dan has gathered over 35 years in the industry.


Discover The Trends In The Industry That Will Most Affect Your Bottom Line With Our Expert Q&A Panel

An exclusive session with me and 5 TOP Industry Insiders. . . “Unplugged” unscripted, unedited, unfiltered. RAW. They’ll be HOLDING NOTHING BACK, talking as candidly as they want about the biggest trends they see affecting agents in the immediate and near term future – and how you should prepare now for these changes. This is your BEST CHANCE to get true insiders’ information that will give you an edge over your competition, protect your agency from potential financial landmines, and prepare you to take advantage of money-making opportunities before your competitors even know what’s going on.


Daniel W. KingDirector Agency Development, Travelers Insurance

Dan’s professional background includes over 35 years experience in the insurance industry with The Travelers in a number of different positions. Dan spent years as an underwriter, Agency Manager, and Regional Vice President of Personal Lines in New York prior to assuming his current position. He now focuses primarily on helping independent agents grow long-term profitably. He has assisted in the development and implementation of programs, training and strategies to assist independent agents grow their businesses. As a marketing and training consultant, he has assisted countless independent agents in the areas of business planning, job design, mergers and acquisitions, perpetuation planning and staff compensation plans.


Robert J. SedaPresident and Managing Director of Succeed Agency Advisors, LLC.

Succeed Advisors is focused on assisting agency owners in both internal perpetuation and growth strategies as well as external M&A strategies. Prior to starting Succeed Advisors, Bob was CEO of the Hales Group and President of Dowling Hales, its successor company. Bob has been an advisor to insurance agencies for over 13 years and in his career has led over 150 successful transactions. Prior to being focused on agency M&A, Bob was a senior executive with one of the nations largest independent insurance agencies. Bob Started his career in public accounting at Touche Ross & Co, after graduation from the University of Nebraska.

Dave Gebhardt

Dave GebhardtCOST Financial Group CEO.

As founder and Chief Executive Officer of COST Financial Group, Inc., David E. Gebhardt has more that thirty years of insurance and premium finance experience. Dave oversees COST’s nationwide premium finance company management operations. In addition to his work with internal COST resources, he actively consults with various organizations, including insurance related associations, banks, etc. regarding their current or potential involvement in the premium finance business.He also consults with state agencies regarding the implementation or amendment of state laws, regulations and rules relating to insurance premium finance companies.

Dennis Freiret

Dennis FreireLeavittLink Services, Inc. President.

Dennis joined the Leavitt Group in 1992. He has started scratch agencies wholly dependent on new sales, created perpetuation plans, purchased books of business, and facilitated mergers to create strength and scale. As regional vice president, he led agency operations, marketing and sales in multiple states. Dennis has served variously as affiliations marketing director, vice president of mergers and acquisitions, and director of agency transition and support services. Dennis is dedicated to developing clients through digital- and cross-marketing relationships. The Leavitt Group is the 3rd largest privately-held brokerage in the nation (Business Insurance, October 2012 issue)

Paul Hawkins

Paul HawkinsHawkSoft, Inc. President & CEO

Paul Hawkins attended the University of Wisconsin, and worked in the construction industry for a number of years. At that time computer programming was a hobby for him and his son Sean. He came into the insurance industry from the captive side and moved to independent side in 1992. In 1993 Paul began work on HawkSoft’s first product while working as an agent at Insurance Express, an independent insurance agency in Portland, Oregon. Paul saw first-hand the opportunities for increased efficiency and improved customer service that software automation could offer independent insurance agents. HawkSoft got it’s first 3 customers in October 1995. Those first 3 customers are still customers today. Paul feels that the most important part of the equation is relationships


Andrew C. HarrisLiberty Insurance Associates, President and CEO

Andy Harris has over thirty seven years of experience in Insurance Sales and Agency Management, including more than thirty years as the President and CEO of Liberty Insurance Associates. As the majority partner in Liberty Insurance Associates, Mr. Harris has directed the growth of the organization from a small agency handling mostly personal insurance to a multi-lines agency with over forty employees. Today, Liberty’s growth is primarily driven by meeting the property and casualty insurance needs of commercial clients. Mr. Harris is also President of two fully owned subsidiaries: Liberty Consulting Company, a Risk Management consulting firm; and Liberty Life Associates, specialists in life, health and other financial instruments. In addition, he is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of New Jersey Community Bank, headquartered in Freehold, New Jersey.


“I’m Convinced This Boot Camp Will Create More Millionaires & Multi-Millionaires That Any of Our Previous Boot Camps”

Our Boot Camps, along with Quantum Club, have a proven track record of creating more millionaires in this industry than any other organization. However, I’m convinced that the groundbreaking NEW content of this Boot Camp has the power to produce more millionaires and multi-millionaires than any other event in our history.

I’m not going to try to convince you to attend what is easily the most highly-regarded marketing event in our industry. If I have to…well, you’re probably not cut from the same cloth as the mega-performers who make up the vast majority of who’s in the room. Frankly, it wouldn’t be fair to them as one of the biggest benefits of Boot Camp is the quality not just of the people on the stage, but of the other attendees.

However, I WILL try to convince you to go ahead and STOP what you’re doing and register NOW to take advantage of our lowest early-bird pricing – AND so you don’t miss out on your choice of $1997 in bonus gifts.


Register Before October 11, 2013 and Get Our Lowest Price PLUS You Get To Choose From One of These Bonus Gifts Valued at $1997.00:



Regularly $1,997

Regularly $1,997

The New Leadership Academy Box Set

Are you “just” an insurance agent… or the CEO of an “Extraordinary Business Organization”? Because the truth is, no matter how large or small your agency, market DOMINATION starts with one thing: a GREAT LEADER. This complete box set contains all the CD’s, DVD’s, tools and worksheets from my 6-month Leadership Academy, including my full-day Leadership Workshop in April 2011. You’ll get an exact game plan, at your fingertips, to transform you from agency “manager” into a LEADER in every sense of the word… and transform your agency into an “EBO”.

Here’s what you’ll get – 6 discreet strategies, including…

And that’s not all – not by a long shot. My Leadership Academy also includes:


Unlocks The PSYCHOLOGY of Market Domination!

Regularly $1,997

Regularly $1,997

The L.T.A Academy Box Set: The “Secret Sauce” of Insurance Marketing:

How To Get Your Marketplace To Like, Trust, And Admire You

Imagine this: whenever someone in your marketplace receives something from you – a direct mail piece, an email, a visit to your website – they’re already psychologically PREDIS POSED do business with you and you alone.

Impossible, you say? Marketing hooey, you say? If that’s your initial reaction, I understand. But please realize: the key to this is unlocking the PSYCHOLOGY of getting your agency LIKED, TRUSTED & ADMIRED.

This ALL NEW Box-set contains 4 CD’s, 2 DVD’s, transcripts, and 9 critical tools which reveal – for the first time EVER – the PSYCHOLOGY of market domination and ..

It’s called The LTA Academy …

And make no mistake, this is – out of all the things I’ve been teaching, coaching and training on over the last 20 years – probably THE single most important concept an agency can master.



Regularly $1,997

Regularly $1,997

The Ultimate Insurance Sales System!

Forget the soft insurance market. Forget the sluggish economy. Simply take my never-before-offered mega-power sales system… plug it into your agency and quickly add six figures – probably more – to your bottom line!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 7500 agency principles. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t on the front lines. I’ve identified three ways that an agency must make the sale (the inbound call, the producer, and the outbound call). Almost no agencies are using all three ways to make sales (or clearly defining which combination is best for them) — and that’s a big mistake.

The Million Dollar Sales System contains 3 Audio CDs, 3 DVDs, a thumb drive with all the spreadsheets etc., The Million Dollar Sales System binder/workbook with numerous tools/spreadsheets/worksheets and provides all the training you (and your team) need to catapult your sales to the million dollar level and beyond. Here’s what’s inside:

You’ll discover:


Want Your Agency To Grow Even Faster, Even
Easier? Then you MUST ATTEND ..
Boot Camp Mini-Event:
Digital Marketing Discovery Day

If you’re concerned your competitors are more
“digital” than you are…

If you’re not getting all the leads you want from your
current website…

You need more than “just a website” – you need a Digital Marketing System that automates your online marketing to …

  • Get more new leads
  • Convert leads to new business
  • Hold on to clients longer
  • Increase your revenue per client
  • Automate your online marketing

First, Agency Revolution created the first and most powerful Digital Marketing System built exclusively for Insurance Agents … Then we created two versions to fit any budget …

Now You Can Double Those Leads With MobiQuoteTM

“50% of searches will be on mobile devices by 2013″ according to Morgan Stanley Research. Are you ready to LOSE half of your web traffic? If you don’t have a mobile optimized site, you’re already missing those leads.

MobiQuote grabs those leads for your agency and helps you turn them into new business with automatic marketing campaigns!

MobiQuote currently comes FREE with either Digital Marketing System.

Come Discover Why Agency Revolution is

  • Listed on Travelers esteemed Approved Vendors List
  • Exclusively endorsed by PIA of NY, NJ, NH, and CT
  • Trusted by hundreds of agencies to deliver lead after lead, day after day

At this year’s “Discovery Day” you’ll view LIVE demos, talk directly with agents using the systems, and meet the team behind the scenes to satisfy the “geek” in you.

Join Us During This Private Mini-Event
1-4pm on Thursday October 24th:
Just Check The Discovery Day Box On Your RSVP Form

NOTE: Please don’t just take my word for it … here’s what actual clients have to say about our Digital Marketing System for Insurance Agents:

“We are getting multiple quote requests a day from our site”

“Our Agency Revolution site is up and running. We are getting multiple quote requests a day from our site. We use to get one a week from our old site, now we are getting a minimum of 3-4 a day.” ~Nancy Nicklow, Pasadena, MD


“written an average of 23 new pieces of business per month”

“Between our 2 old websites we had on average 7 new pieces of business per month with zero follow up on the leads. Since having our AR website, and collecting less information, we have written an average of 23 new pieces of business per month and followed up with 100% of the leads we get.” ~ Joel Zwicker, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia


“I get five times more leads from Firefly than from my old website”

“I have been using a telemarketing service to get me leads. I got 10 leads per week and converted 10 percent. I turned on Firefly 30 days ago. Now I average 2 leads per day and am converting 21 percent. I get five times more leads from Firefly than from my old website … Thanks, Firefly!”~ Ken Henry, Cincinnati, OH



“I’m getting the homepage quote form filled out like every 3 seconds…

my computer is smokin!! ~ Ian Smith, Rochester, NY

“Look my Agency Revolution site pays for itself every month. I just got off the phone with one of our markets and they are giving me cash to run a Google pay-per-click ad. Yeah, you heard that right! My marketing reps exact words: ‘Tammy we have no one else doing what you are doing and we want to help you be successful. Because you’re successful, we know we’ll be successful.” ~ Tammy Lesueur, LaPine, OR
And of course, there’s no risk in booking now (or ever) because you’re covered by my take-it-to-the-bank, sleep-like-a-baby-at-night guarantee:

Boot Camp Guarantee #1: You simply MUST register now if you have any hopes at getting a spot at this year’s Insanely Great Insurance Agency Boot Camp. However, I realize October is still a ways off. Therefore, if for ANY reason your spouse/partner decides against it… you schedule a trip to Europe… a relative books a wedding… anything, just let us know within 30 days of your registration and you’ll get ALL your money back. No questions, Period.

Boot Camp Guarantee #2: If after 30 days, for ANY reason, you still can’t make it (or choose not to), we’ll credit your tuition FULLY towards the “Boot Camp in a Box” version (all recordings, all presentations, all handouts, etc.) OR towards next year’s Boot Camp PLUS any left over will be FULLY credited to ANY other Agency Revolution “box” product. (So your entire investment is guaranteed to make your agency grow, no matter what you do.)

Boot Camp Guarantee #3: Join us in Chicago. Attend Boot Camp until we break for lunch on Friday. Should you feel you are NOT discovering life-changing opportunities, strategies, secrets, resources and flat out the most valuable insurance marketing info you have EVER heard- info that will put a minimum of $100,000 in your pocket- then all you need to do is simply return your material and tell my staff that you would like a FULL refund. Not only will I refund your ENTIRE tuition BUT I will also refund you up to $500 of documented travel expenses. (You read that right…I’ll pay you back just for coming!)

What To Do Now:

1. Register Now by clicking here
2. Go to your calendar and write “Boot Camp” on October 24, 25, and 26 to attend all events
3. Make your plans to come to Chicago for THE INSURANCE MARKETING BOOT CAMP THAT WILL GIVE YOU THE PROVEN STRATEGIES to blast through all your obstacles, Build an Insanely Great Agency and reach TOTAL financial freedom!
4. Make sure to bring any additional staff to attend with you for a VERY special price.
5. I’ll rush you your choice of either The Like, Trust and Admire Academy Box-Set – OR – The Leadership Academy Box Set – OR – The Million Dollar Sales System (Each FAST ACTION BONUS IS VALUED AT $1,997, but worth hundreds of thousands in new business and commission income once you put them to work in your agency!)

“So What Is the Investment Required?

not as much as it should be for an event that has had such a dramatic impact on the lives of agents just like you for so many years now. And to be clear – the tuition of Boot Camp is truly an investment with proven returns.

Frankly, I can’t think of anything that requires such a SMALL investment that holds the promise such great returns for you right now. Can you? I mean, what else could you POSSIBLY do for yourself right now in your career where you can invest such a ridiculously small amount (listed below) that has rock-solid PROOF* of producing $50,000…$100,000…$250,000 or MORE in a period of MONTHS…not years?

*Oh – in case you haven’t read the testimonials from past attendees yet (most who return every year without fail) this is the PROOF I’m referring to. If you’re hesitating even in the slightest, now would be a very good time to read these true-life stories to keep yourself from making a COLOSSAL mistake by not coming.
Agency Revolution Members Firefly Members Quantum PLUS Members Quantum Club Members Non-Members Guests* Guests of Agency Revolution Members*
Investment when you register by Oct. 11th








*Guest = W-2, 1099 employee(s) or family member(s) who is a part of the agency.

2 or 4-Month Payment Plans Available Until Oct. 11th, 2013
Non-Members: pay 2 monthly payments of $998.50. Members may pay over 4 months.
NOTE: If you DON’T want to pay with a payment plan, you save 10%.

This Is The Moment You Say:
“DAMMIT, I’m Gonna DO This”

I know where your head is right now. You’re sitting there, thinking…“this sounds like it would be just the thing for us right now. If I could do even half as well as some of the people in these testimonials I would be thrilled”.

But then that little voice creeps in your head and says stupid, poor-people-thinking stuff like “you can’t afford to be away from the office that long”. Or “if I come back with all these new marketing ideas my staff/spouse/partner/brother-in-law/whatever will think I’m nuts”.


Step back. Think about what’s happening in your brain right now. If you follow that nagging self-doubt type of thinking to its conclusion and make the WRONG decision by not coming to this event, you will remain EXACTLY as you are right now.

Nothing will change for you.

Fast-forward in your head to this time next year. Your bank account will look NO DIFFERENT. You will spend just as much time at the office as you do RIGHT NOW. The only thing different is you’ll be one year older.

Is that OK with you? It’s not, is it?

I know it’s not, or you wouldn’t have read this far.

That’s NOT the life you want for yourself. You WANT the lifestyle of the people you’ve read about on this page, don’t you? The people whose testimonials describe in detail the incredible growth, double-digit sales increases and amazing lifestyle transformations that have come as a result of coming to this event.

That’s what you want.

So how do you get there? The same way they did. You simply have to DO what they’re DOING. At Boot Camp, we will tell you EXACTLY what they’re doing. In fact, you can look them in the eye and ask them yourself! And they’ll TELL YOU.

It’s that simple. The most successful agents in the country come to this event every year WITHOUT FAIL. Do you want to join them, or not?

I sincerely hope you make the right decision.

I look forward to seeing you at Boot Camp.

Michael Jans
CEO / Founder
Agency Revolution
“We grow agencies. Big. Fast. Easy.”

P.S.#1: Remember, non-Members can pay a 2-payment plan of $998.50.


P.S.#2: Prices will go UP across-the-board as of Midnight October 11th. PLUS – if you wait, you risk losing your FREE choice of one of the following box sets: Like, Trust and Admire Academy – OR – The Leadership Academy – OR – The Million Dollar Sales System – each valued at $1997.00. Don’t wait. Book your spot today.


P.S. #3: Creating millionaires and multi-millionaires in the insurance industry is WHAT WE DO. As you can see by reading the almost ridiculous number of real-life testimonials we have from this event, we know EXACTLY how to do it. All you have to do is show up, learn the plan, work the plan when you get back to the office, and you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL – GUARANTEED. Try me. Come to Boot Camp. By lunch on Friday, if you think I’m full of it – then simply return your material and tell my staff that you would like a FULL refund. Not only will I refund your ENTIRE tuition BUT I will also refund you up to $500 of documented travel expenses.
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